In 2019, Cameroon legalized online wagering after amending a 2016 law that has now become the definitive gambling law. There are contradictory reports regarding which forms of online gambling are lawful.

Some sources claim that since the 2019 legislation only gambling and the national lottery are permitted. Other sources identify blackjack and roulette as popular online activities in the country.


Despite inconsistencies in information, this casino guide can tell you that although online gambling is legal in Cameroon, it is not yet adequately regulated.

Gambling’s Past in Cameroon


From 1884 to 1916, Germany colonized Cameroon. Prior to this period, gambling was a form of entertainment, but no legal framework existed.


During World War I, Cameroon came under French control, and the French introduced additional wagering options. In 1960, after eventually attaining independence, Cameroon legalized gambling. As a former French colony, the country’s permitted forms of wagering resemble those of France.


Cameroon Gambling Law

Cameroon legalized gambling in 1960, but the first gambling law was not enacted until 1989. The law was created for legalized land-based casinos, horse racing, and various other forms of wagering.


These laws were amended, and in 2019, after the 2016 law was amended, Decree No.2019/2300/PM was passed. This became the law governing all forms of legalized wagering in the country, including online gambling.


The Agency for Games of Chance (Agence de Régulation des Jeux) in Cameroon regulates all forms of wagering. Additionally, it is responsible for licensing operators.


Cameroon requires online gambling sites to have a license in order to welcome players from the country. The law, however, states that sports betting is lawful in Cameroon, and bettors may access betting sites from the country. The state has a distinct lottery license provider called Loterie Nationale Cameroon.


Casinos on Land in Cameroon

Both casinos and gaming parlors are authorized and licensed in Cameroon. Despite this, the nation’s casino count is nothing to brag about. Cameroon is a poor nation, so wagering is only available to those who can afford it.


There are reportedly seven casinos and five gaming parlors. All are licensed and governed by the 2019 Gambling Decree.


Gambling’s Future in Cameroon

Even though Cameroon is a developing nation, online wagering and casinos have increased in recent years. The jurisdiction has authorized and regulated the establishment of online casinos. And activities that are not explicitly permitted or regulated by the law are illegal by default.


The tax rates may pose an issue for online casinos in Cameroon. Supposedly, the tax rates for online wagering earnings are close to 15% on top of the 33% corporate tax rate. At 34%, the internet penetration rate is also quite low. Therefore, despite the development of online gambling in the United States, the industry may not be as thriving in other nations.


Although we cannot predict how the industry will evolve, these are the only hypotheses we can make. The casino industry, including online casinos, has the potential to attract tourists and increase revenue.



Numerous casinos are permitted to operate within the country, as gambling is lawful there. Therefore, we would only recommend those that are secure and offer gamblers a worthwhile experience.



We have discussed the ins and outs of casinos in Cameroon thus far. If you still have some questions, we trust the information below will help answer some of them.


Are online gambling establishments permissible in Cameroon?


Online casinos are permitted in Cameroon. They were legalized again in 2019 after a 2016 law change. Illegal is any form of wagering that is not expressly regulated.


Which online casino in Cameroon is the best?


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Which online casinos in Cameroon have the highest payouts?


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